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Aging and Death (1) Can't We Talk about Something More Pleasant?: A Memoir , see all results from Aging and Death
Aging Education (17) What's your aging I.Q.?, see all results from Aging Education
Aging in Place (4) The family CAREbook: a comprehensive guide for families of older adults, see all results from Aging in Place
Aging Network (8) The Wit to win: how to integrate older persons with developmental disabilities into community aging programs., see all results from Aging Network
AIDS (9) The Forgotten Tenth, see all results from AIDS
Alcohol (2) The Short Michigan Alcoholism Screening Test - Geriatric Version (SMAST-G), see all results from Alcohol
Alcohol Consumption (3) The Short Michigan Alcoholism Screening Test - Geriatric Version (SMAST-G), see all results from Alcohol Consumption
Alcoholism (32) Winter Comforts. When Dependency Increases, see all results from Alcoholism
Alzheimer's Disease (2) Empowering Social Workers for Practice with Vulnerable Older Adults, see all results from Alzheimer's Disease
Alzheimer's New Creative Therapies (1) Beyond the Music: The Power of Music with People Who Are Living with Dementia & Other Age-Related Conditions, see all results from Alzheimer's New Creative Therapies
Alzheimers Disease (220) You're Looking at Me Like I Live Here and I Don't, see all results from Alzheimers Disease
Ambulatory Care (3) Functional assessment of geriatric patients in the ambulatory care clinic, see all results from Ambulatory Care
American Indians (12) Use of Health Care: Findings from the SAIAN and the Household Survey, see all results from American Indians
Americans with Disabilities Act (1) Oregon State Government Communication & the ADA, see all results from Americans with Disabilities Act
Anger (2) Managing aggressive behaviors: anger and irritation, catastrophic reactions, see all results from Anger
Anti Aging Lifestyle (3) I Don't Want to Be Old When I Get Old: A Lifestyle Experiment, see all results from Anti Aging Lifestyle
Anti Aging Medicine (3) Stealing time: the new science of aging, see all results from Anti Aging Medicine
Antibiotics (2) Advance directives and the elderly: making decisions about treatment limitations, see all results from Antibiotics
Antipsychotic Drugs (2) Managing Akathisia: An Extrapyramidal Side Effect of Antipsychotic Medication, see all results from Antipsychotic Drugs
Anxiety Disorders (4) Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders , see all results from Anxiety Disorders
Aphasia (8) How to communicate with someone who has Aphasia [handouts], see all results from Aphasia
Architectural Barriers (2) Inclusive Design: A Universal Need, see all results from Architectural Barriers
Architectural Design (17) Safe and usable outdoor spaces for older adults: Planning and design, see all results from Architectural Design
Area Agencies on Aging (1) Success Stories: A Technical Assistance Guide to the Program and Management Accomplishments of Area Agencies on Aging, see all results from Area Agencies on Aging
Art Therapy (4) The arts/fitness quality of life activities program: creative ideas for working with older adults in group settings, see all results from Art Therapy



The Resource Center is a membership library that serves a variety of health professionals, researchers, educators and individuals involved in geriatrics and gerontology research.


The OGEC Resource Center is part of the Oregon Geriatric Education Center (OGEC). OGEC is a collaboration between Portland State University's Institute on Aging, Oregon Health & Science University, and Oregon State University.

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