Mental Health Services

The below items have "Mental Health Services" as a subject.

Titlesort ascending Format Publication Year Call Number Abstract
The power of memories: creative uses of reminiscence Book 1992 CO5.T10
The Journal of Rural Health Book 2015 RU8.J3

A peer-reviewed journal devoted to advancing professional practice, research, theory development, and public policy r

The Family's Role in Early Diagnosis and Service Utilization: A Report to the Alzheimer's Disease Center of Oregon Book 1991 MH7.F10
Model System Plan for Senior Mental Health Care in Oregon: A Vision for the Future Book 1992 MH1.D1
Mental Health Services for Elders in Rural America Book 1991 MH1.I3
Mental Disorder in Older Adults: Fundamentals of Assessment and Treatment Book 2011 MH1.M1

Illustrated with abundant clinical material, this book provides essential knowledge and skills for effective mental h

Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders Book 2013 MH1.D2

This new edition of the American Psychiatric Association's Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM

Diagnosis Made Easier: Principles and Techniques for Mental Health Clinicians Book 2007 MH4. D2


Barriers to Mental Health Services for Nursing Home Residents Book 1994 MH1.L3
Alcoholism & elders: a matter of substance Curricula/Educational unit 1997 SA4.A30

Table of contents: Alcohol & older adults ??Alcoholism overview ??Assessment ??Intervention ??Treatment issues f


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