Gerontological Research

The below items have "Gerontological Research" as a subject.

Title Format Publication Yearsort descending Call Number Abstract
Long Term Care-Related Research in Oregon: a catalogue of current and recent projects and data sets Book 1981 LT3.N1
Channeling Effects on Informal Care Book 1986 LT7.C2
Channeling Effects on Informal Care: Appendices Book 1986 LT7.C22
Channeling Effects on the Quality of Clients' Lives Book 1986 LT7.A4
Methodological Issues in Aging Research Book 1988 GR1.S1
The Effect of Staffing Regulations, Type of Reimbursement and Type of Ownership on Nurse Staffing in Oregon Skilled Nursing Facilities Book 1989 LT7.J3
Catalog of Educational Projects in Gerontology and Geriatrics, 1990 Curricula/Educational unit 1990 GE2.M20
Standardized survey instrument for graduates of gerontology programs Book 1990 GE6.R1
Extending Life, Enhancing Life: A National Research Agenda on Aging Book 1991 GR1.L3
Handbook of mental health and aging Book 1992 MH1.B20 REF

Reference use.

Aging Oregonians: Trends and Projections, 1993 Book 1993 DM7.A20
Facts and research in gerontology 1994. Epidemiology and aging Book 1994 DM8.V10

1994 issue of "Facts and Research in Gerontology" a collection of reports on research in the U.S.

Positive Aging: A Guide for Mental Health Professionals and Consumers Book 2006 PS1.P30

In a groundbreaking book, Robert Hill, a psychologist, professor, and leading researcher in geriatric care, rethinks

Dementia and Social Work Practice: Research and Interventions Book 2007 SW1.D20

Beyond the immediate and devastating effects dementia can have on individuals and their quality of life are the strai

Seven Strategies for Positive Aging Book 2008 PS1.P31

A practical companion to Robert Hill’s Positive Aging: A Guide for Mental Health Professionals and Consumers, Seven S

Physical Change & Aging: A Guide for the Helping Professions Book 2015 BI1.P20

This sixth edition of a classic multidisciplinary text for students of gerontology continues to offer practical, read


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