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Abnormal Laboratory Results (1) Differential Diagnosis in Primary Care , see all results from Abnormal Laboratory Results
Accessibility (2) The do-able renewable home: making your home fit your needs., see all results from Accessibility
Accessory Housing (2) ECHO Housing: recommended construction and insllation standards, see all results from Accessory Housing
Accident Prevention (4) Helping You Drive Safely Longer, see all results from Accident Prevention
Accidents (6) Keep on moving . . .safely, see all results from Accidents
Active Aging (20) The SMILE program: a low intensity physical activity program for older adults, see all results from Active Aging
Activities of Daily Living (8) Working with Families of Hospitalized Older Adults Who Have Dementia, see all results from Activities of Daily Living
Activity Participation (6) Simple Comforts: Individual Life Enrichment Activities for People with Dementia, see all results from Activity Participation
Activity Planning (12) The positive interactions program of activities for people with Alzheimer's disease, see all results from Activity Planning
Acute Care (2) Toward a Restraint-Free Environment, see all results from Acute Care
Acute Diseases (1) Clinics in Geriatric Medicine: Critical Illness in the Elderly, see all results from Acute Diseases
Adaptation (7) Something Left to Do: Elders of the Sto: lo Nation, see all results from Adaptation
Adjustment (5) Through Our Eyes: A Life with Dementia, see all results from Adjustment
Adult Children (3) Stuff, see all results from Adult Children
Adult Education (1) Resourceful aging: today and tomorrow. Conference procedings. Volume V. Lifelong education., see all results from Adult Education
Advance Directives (30) The Oregon nursing home guidebook, see all results from Advance Directives
Adverse Drug Reactions (7) Managing Akathisia: An Extrapyramidal Side Effect of Antipsychotic Medication, see all results from Adverse Drug Reactions
Advisory Groups (1) ADAMHA Advisory Committees, see all results from Advisory Groups
Advocacy (1) The Oregon nursing home guidebook, see all results from Advocacy
Age Differences (2) Hearing and Aging: Tactics for intervention, see all results from Age Differences
Age Discrimination (3) Old like me, see all results from Age Discrimination
Age Stereotypes (7) What's your aging I.Q.?, see all results from Age Stereotypes
Ageism (10) Truth about aging: guidelines for accurate communications, see all results from Ageism
Aggression (10) Mental Health Nursing: Physically Aggressive Client/Delusions, see all results from Aggression
Aging (332) You & Your Aging Parent: A Family Guide to Emotional, Social, Health, and Financial Problems, see all results from Aging



The Resource Center is a membership library that serves a variety of health professionals, researchers, educators and individuals involved in geriatrics and gerontology research.


The OGEC Resource Center is part of the Oregon Geriatric Education Center (OGEC). OGEC is a collaboration between Portland State University's Institute on Aging, Oregon Health & Science University, and Oregon State University.

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