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Title Format Publication Year Call Number Subjects
Aging America: leadership, change and community-building Book 1994 AG1.N10 Aging Network, Leadership
Aging America: Trends and projections Book 1991 DM1.U30 Demographic Characteristics, Population Aging, Projection
Aging and Alzheimer's Disease: Overview of Aging DVD 1999 BI5.050 Alzheimers Disease, Biological Aging
Aging and Alzheimer's Disease: Overview of Aging Videocassette 1999 BI5.050 Alzheimers Disease, Biological Aging
Aging and Caregiving: Theory, research and policy Book 1990 FM7.B2 Caregivers, Aging, Public Policy
Aging and Developmental Disabilities in Rural America Book 1990 AD1.A20 Developmentally Disabled, Aging, Rural, Low Income
Aging and Developmental Disability: Current Research, Programming, and Practice Implications Book 2000 AD7.A20 Aging, Developmentally Disabled
Aging and Diversity: An Active Learning Experience Book 2009 DM1.A20 Aging, Diversity
Aging and Ethnicity: A Replication Handbook for Social Work Education for Practice with Asian and Pacific Island Elders Book 1991 MN4.B4 Asians, Pacific Islanders, Aging, Older Adults, Social Work, Racial and Ethnic Groups
Aging and Health: African American Elders Book 1996 MN4.R20 Older Adults, Aging, Health Patterns, Blacks
Aging and health: American Indian/Alaska native elders Book 1994 MN4.M10 American Indians, Older Adults, Aging, Health Patterns
Aging and Health: Asian and pacific Islanders American Elders Book 1996 MN4.S30 Pacific Islanders, Asians, Older Adults, Aging, Health Patterns
Aging and health: Hispanic American elders. Second edition Book 1993 MN4.C50 Older Adults, Aging, Hispanics, Health Patterns
Aging and Health: The Role of Self-Medication Book 1991 PH1.N3 Older Adults, Aging, Self Medication
Aging and Mental Health Book 2011 MH1.L60 Aging, Mental Health, Mental Disorders, Older Adults
Aging and Mental Health: Positive Psychosocial and Biomedical Approaches Book 1991 MH1.A20 Aging, Mental Health
Aging and sensory change: an annoted bibliography Book 1988 BI2.A10 Aging, Senses, Sensory Loss
Aging and the Elderly: A Review Course of Geriatric Medicine Book 1988 MD4.A2 Geriatric Education, Aging, Curriculum
Aging and the Human Condition Book 1982 AG1.A20 Aging, Culture, Dying, Transition
Aging and the product environment (Environmental Design Series, volume 1) Book 1982 EN1.K30 Older Adults, Aging, Product Design
Aging appreciation simulation Curricula/Educational unit 1999 GE4.A20 Aging, Simulation
Aging around the world. Book 1986 AG1.C30 Culture, Social Gerontology, Aging, International
Aging Artfully: Profiles of 12 Visual and Performing Women Artists 85-105 Book 2006 PS1.A20 Females, Older Adults, Personal Accounts, Artists, Aging
Aging as a spiritual journey Book 1995 RE1.B2 Aging, Religion, Spiritual Well Being, Purpose in Life
Aging as a Spiritual Practice: A Contemplative Guide to Growing Older and Wiser Book 2012 RE1.A20 Aging, Spiritual Well Being, Religion, Mind Body Relationship, Healthy Aging, Psychological Well Being, Attitudes Toward Aging
Aging at Home: How the Elderly Adjust Their Housing Without Moving Book 1988 EN7.S4 Home Modification, Older Adults, Aging in Place, Independent Living
The Aging Brain: Through Many Lives (Episode 5) Videocassette 2004 AD5.G40 Development, Biological Aging, Successful Aging, Brain
The Aging Brain: Through Many Lives (Episode 5) DVD 2004 AD5.G40 Development, Biological Aging, Successful Aging, Brain
Aging Challenges of Tomorrow: A Strategic Plan for Services to the Elderly in Multnomah County and the City of Portland Book 1993 PU1.M1 Older Adults, Oregon, Public Policy, Policy Making, Health Services, Social Services, Service Planning
The aging eye and low vision: a study guide for physicians [2nd edition] Book 1995 OP4.F10 Aging, Vision Disorders
The Aging Game DVD 2003 GE5.A40 Geriatric Education, Games, Aging Education, Education
The aging game: success, sanity and sex after 60 Book 1979 AG1.A30 Interpersonal Relations, Mental Health, Attitudes Toward Aging, Sexuality, Physical Condition, Love
The aging heart: a guide to the literature Book 1988 CD2.A40 Cardiovascular Diseases, Heart, Older Adults
Aging in a Changing Society Book 2000 GE1.T20 Aging
Aging in a changing society, second edition Book 1981 AG1.B30 Family Relationships, Friendship Patterns, Retirement, Role Changes, Aging
Aging in America: The Years Ahead DVD 2003 AG5.A20 Aging, Older Adults, Personal Accounts, Successful Aging



The Resource Center is a membership library that serves a variety of health professionals, researchers, educators and individuals involved in geriatrics and gerontology research.


The OGEC Resource Center is part of the Oregon Geriatric Education Center (OGEC). OGEC is a collaboration between Portland State University's Institute on Aging, Oregon Health & Science University, and Oregon State University.

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