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At the Breaking Point: Emotions and Ethics in Family Caregiving 2010 FM5.T12 Caregivers, Family Relationships, Medical Ethics, Alzheimers Disease, Emotions
The arts/fitness quality of life activities program: creative ideas for working with older adults in group settings Book 1994 PT1.C30 Activity Planning, Art Therapy, Dance Therapy, Physical Therapy
AGES curriculum unit: Geropharmacy Book n.d. PH4.W2 Curriculum, Geriatrics, Pharmaceutical Services
Aging, eleventh edition Book 1997 AG8.A20 Aging, Attitudes Toward Aging, Quality of Life, Retirement, Dying, Public Policy, Living Conditions
Aging 05/06 Book 2005 AG8.A20 Aging, Attitudes Toward Aging, Quality of Life, Retirement, Dying, Public Policy, Living Conditions
Aging as a spiritual journey Book 1995 RE1.B2 Aging, Religion, Spiritual Well Being, Purpose in Life
Alzheimer's Disease: Translating Caregiver Research Into Policy and Practice Book 1992 PS1.A3 Caregivers, Alzheimers Disease, Policy Making, Public Policy
Aging, 98/99 Book 1998 AG8.A20 Aging, Attitudes Toward Aging, Quality of Life, Retirement, Dying, Public Policy, Living Conditions
Aging issues in rural and underseerved areas: proceedings Book 1994 RU1.A2 Conference Proceedings, Aging, Rural
Audiovisuals on aging: brief bibliography Book 1993 AV2.Y10 Audiovisual Materials, Gerontology Education
Assessing Elderly Housing: A Planning Guide for Mayors, Local Officials and Housing Advocates Book 1985 EN6.U3 Older Adults, Housing Types, Urban and Regional Planning
AGES curriculum unit: gero-psychology Book n.d. PS4.S1 Curriculum, Geriatric Education, Psychological Aging, Mental Health, Instructional Materials
Answers about the aging woman [and Answers about the aging man] Book n.d. BI1.N10 Aging, Females, Males, National Institute on Aging
Aging at Home: How the Elderly Adjust Their Housing Without Moving Book 1988 EN7.S4 Home Modification, Older Adults, Aging in Place, Independent Living
Aging With Grace Book 2001 GR1.S30 Aging, Alzheimers Disease, Longitudinal Studies, Nun Study
Alzheimer Diary: A Wife’s Journal Book 2010 MH1.D20 Alzheimers Disease, Dementia, Personal Accounts, Family Relationships, Spouses
Aging Challenges of Tomorrow: A Strategic Plan for Services to the Elderly in Multnomah County and the City of Portland Book 1993 PU1.M1 Older Adults, Oregon, Public Policy, Policy Making, Health Services, Social Services, Service Planning
Answers about the aging: new pieces to an old puzzle Book n.d. BI1.N12 Theories ofAging
Advanced Life Care Decisions: A Guide to the Literature Book 1988 ET2.A4 Decision Making, Bibliographies, Medical Ethics, Life Sustaining Treatment, Right to Die, Terminal Care, Advance Directives
Aging in a Changing Society Book 2000 GE1.T20 Aging
Aging: The Fulfillment of Life Book 1976 AG1.F50 Aging, Psychological Well Being, Attitudes Toward Aging, Healthy Aging, Creativity
Agenecy for Health Care Policy and Research: Publications Catalog Book 1992 PU2.A2 Health Services, Public Policy, Policy Making, Medical Research
Aging and sensory change: an annoted bibliography Book 1988 BI2.A10 Aging, Senses, Sensory Loss
Adult Children & Aging Parents Book 1989 FM1.M5 Older Adults, Family Relationships
Activities with developmentally disabled elderly and older adults. Book 1991 AD4.K10 Recreation Programs, Developmentally Disabled, Older Adults, Activity Participation
Aging: Concepts and Controversies Book 1994 GE1.M30 Aging
Aging as a Spiritual Practice: A Contemplative Guide to Growing Older and Wiser Book 2012 RE1.A20 Aging, Spiritual Well Being, Religion, Mind Body Relationship, Healthy Aging, Psychological Well Being, Attitudes Toward Aging
Aging Issues: Related GAO Reports and Activities in Fiscal Year 1991 Book 1991 PU2.U3 Funding, Financing, Public Policy, Policy Making, Aging
Aging: disuse or disease? [teleconference handouts] Book 1993 BI4.O40 Biological Aging, Loss of Function, Normal Aging
Aging Is a Family Affair: How to Prepare for Tomorrow's Difficult Caregiving Conversations - Today Book 2011 FM1.A21 Decision Making, Older Adults, Informal Support Systems
The aging game: success, sanity and sex after 60 Book 1979 AG1.A30 Interpersonal Relations, Mental Health, Attitudes Toward Aging, Sexuality, Physical Condition, Love
Aging Book 2000 GE1.M40 Aging
Aging Oregonians: Trends and Projections, 1993 Book 1993 DM7.A20 Aging, Oregon, Gerontological Research
Age-related hearing lost [from: Livable environments for older people: new challenges for the planning profession] Book 1989 SH4.B10 Ear Examinations, Hearing
Adult foster homes: stronger regulation needed Book 1994 LT7.B30 Foster Homes, Older Adults
Aging Issues: Related GAO Reports and Activities in Fiscal Year 1992 Book 1992 PU2.U3 Aging, Public Policy, Policy Making, Funding, Financing



The Resource Center is a membership library that serves a variety of health professionals, researchers, educators and individuals involved in geriatrics and gerontology research.


The OGEC Resource Center is part of the Oregon Geriatric Education Center (OGEC). OGEC is a collaboration between Portland State University's Institute on Aging, Oregon Health & Science University, and Oregon State University.

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