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Title Format Publication Year Call Number Subjects
Handbook for Interfatih Volunteer Caregiving Book 1990 FM1.N1 Caregivers, Volunteer Services, Religion
A Handbook for People with Parkinson's Disease Book n.d. CD7.H10 Parkinsons Disease
Handbook of aging and the social sciences Book 1990 AG1.B20 Demographic Characteristics, Economic Needs
Handbook of Geriatric Care Management Book 2012 GE4.H10 Clinical Practice Guidelines, Geriatrics, Managed Care
Handbook of mental health and aging Book 1992 MH1.B20 Aging, Mental Health
Handbook of mental health and aging Book 1992 MH1.B20 REF Dementia, Geriatric Psychiatry, Gerontological Research, Mental Disorders
Handbook of Social Work in Health and Aging Book 2006 SW1.H10 Social Work, Health, Aging, Professional Guides
Handbook of the Biology of Aging Book 1995 BI1.S11 Biological Aging
Handbook of the biology of aging, third edition Book 1990 BI1.S10 Biological Aging
Handbook of the humanities and aging Book 1992 AG1.C30 Aging, Humanities, Gerontology, Creativity
A Handbook on Health Programs and Services for Elders in Rural America: A review of life circumstances and formal services that affect the health and well-being of elders Book 1991 RU1.N17 Instructional Materials, Rural, Older Adults, Health Services, Patient Care
A Handbook on Rural Elderly Transportation Services: A practical introduction to operating and evaluating a rural elderly transportation system Book 1990 RU1.N15 Instructional Materials, Rural, Older Adults, Assessment, Transportation Planning, Transportation Needs
Handbook on widowhood adjustment; prepared for the windowhood adjustment project Book 1978 DD1.A10 Adjustment, Death of Spouse, Grief, Widowhood
Handle With Care Teaching Guide: Preventing Food Borne Illness in Nursing Homes Book n.d. LT4.N1 Food Preparation, Nursing Homes
Handouts for Enhancing Relationships Between Asian Elders and Health & Social Service Providers Book 1995 MN4.O4 Older Adults, Asians, Health Services, Social Services
Harold and Maude DVD 1971 FICTION.HA Fiction
Harvest Moon Book 1987 LT1.T20 Personal Accounts, Nursing Homes
He's Doing This to Spite Me DVD 1999 LT5.H10 Dementia, Caregivers, Behavior Problems
Healing Arts Therapies and Person-Centered Dementia Care Book 2002 PS7.H10 Dementia, Therapy
Healing Gardens Book 1999 EN1.H10 Horticultural Therapy, Gardening
Health and Financial Decisions: Legal Tools for Preserving Personal Autonomy Book n.d. ET4.C31 Older Adults, Decision Making, Advance Directives, Economic Needs
Health and Health Care Book 2006 PU1.I40 Health Services, Health, Medicaid, Aging, Medicare, Managed Care, Health Insurance, Public Policy, Policy Making
Health and Health Issues for African American Elderly: Barriers to Care and Strategies for Enhancing Provider Communication Book 1993 MN1.W2 Older Adults, Health Patterns, Blacks
Health and the War on Poverty: A Ten-Year Appraisal Book 1978 PU1.H10 Policy Making, Public Policy, Health Services, Poverty, Medicare, Medicaid, Public Assistance
Health assessment of the older individual, Second edition Book 1992 FA1.M10 Geriatric Assessment, Functional Assessment
Health Beliefs and Medication: Interviewing Techniques Book 1987 PH4.H1 Older Adults, Prescription Drugs
Health beliefs and medications: interviewing techniques DVD 1987 PH5.N3 Health Attitudes, Prescription Drugs, Instructional Materials, Self Medication, Interviews
Health beliefs and medications: interviewing techniques Videocassette 1987 PH5.N3 Health Attitudes, Prescription Drugs, Instructional Techniques, Self Medication, Interviews
Health care of the elderly: an information sourcebook Book 1989 AG1.H10 Health Services, Long Term Care, Physician Education, Social Services
Health Care Policy Book 1982 PU1.M10 Public Policy, Policy Making, Health Services, Health Insurance, Economic Patterns, Political Activity
Health Information Technology: Self-Assessment Tool for Primary Health Care Providers Book 1997 PR6.H1 Health, Information Technology
Health insurance, use of health services, and health care expenditures. National medical expenditures survey research findings 12. Book 1991 EC7.L10 Health Insurance, Health Services, Health Care Costs
Health Policy: A Self-Study Module Book n.d. PU4.B2 Curriculum, Instructional Materials, Health Services, Public Policy, Policy Making
Health promotion and prevention: Promoting quality of life Videocassette 1990 PR5.O4 Health Promotion, Preventive Medicine, Quality of Life
Health Promotion for Older Adults Book 1989 PR3.N1 Older Adults, Health Promotion
Health Promotion for Older Adults Book 1990 PR4.B4 Older Adults, Health Promotion



The Resource Center is a membership library that serves a variety of health professionals, researchers, educators and individuals involved in geriatrics and gerontology research.


The OGEC Resource Center is part of the Oregon Geriatric Education Center (OGEC). OGEC is a collaboration between Portland State University's Institute on Aging, Oregon Health & Science University, and Oregon State University.

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